This video discusses the best ways to engage customers by losing some of the redundant content. Some stuff I knew while some stuff was quite insightful. The best think you can do is watch for yourself, but in summary I’ve listed some of the points that are made in the video below.
  • Retain the customer at the end of pages with call to actions
  • Break up lengthy paragraphs (Customers want to scan on the internet)
  • Consider contact forms that send you to call to action rather than just a thank you.
  • Email links can increase spam
  • Replace the submit button with a relevant message
  • Lose the bright social icons from the top of the page – they send people elsewhere
  • Make your home page easy to digest and tell them what you do
  • Don’t use vague headlines that don’t mean anything
  • Stay away from cliché stock photos of people smiling or shaking hands
  • Consider each part of the website funnel to increase traffic

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