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I’m really getting a lot of value out of my latest SEO course by author Peter Kent (SEO for dummies). As he mentions in the course, most web designers and graphic designer only touch on the surface of SEO and don’t really do a great job of it. I was one of those not too long ago. SEO seemed too daunting to fully understand and I preferred to stick to just design. The graphic design industry tends to stick to Adobe Creative Cloud and doesn’t generally know enough about the complexities of SEO. So I thought it was a good opportunity to build my own page ranking within my local network. I was on page 13 in a highly competitive market. Since changing a few things on my page I’m up to page 4 within the first 2 weeks. That is climbing steadily. One of my peers told me that it was relatively easy to reach page one results on search engine,s because most sites are not properly optimised. He said you just need to know a few tricks and have a method to building your website. He currently ranks number one on most key word searches in our region of the Sunshine Coast.

I thought I’d share a couple of Useful Tips from the 8 hour course.

  • Use a google adwords account to source the most popular key words in your category
  • Work those keywords into your url, title tags, description and most importantly your content
  • Back links from other sites are highly important, but also internal links are valued
  • Include alt tags on all images. Google find images with text.
  • Page urls can and should be different to the menu name (eg home) Rather use something like /graphic-design

For more info on this short course visit below.

8 hour short course on SEO

SEO training - Peter Kent


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