Today’s businesses are expected to be creative, innovative and ever-evolving in everything they do, especially when it comes to branding and marketing. Anyone can get hold of a stock image, but with illustration the possibilities are endless, and a business will find it easier to be unique, original and engaging by harnessing the power of illustration.

A illustrated image of an Adelaide show band. Logistically this would have been pretty hard to do as a Photograph and the illustrated version gave me lots of scope for break away renders from different angles.

A DM piece for the relocation of a stationary company

  • As children we were raised on illustrated books. Illustration makes us feel nostalgic and like big kids again.
  • Illustration isn’t bound by the physics of reality and can bring your wildest imagination to life.
  • You can travel through time, visualising eras never captured by photography.
  • Characters add personality and help us remember brands more easily.
  • Illustrations break the stock library mold which are used by the masses and designed for generic or stereotypical uses.
  • Characters add personality and help us remember brands more easily.
  • They are timeless and be used again and again. They can be adapted and uplifted with new style trends.
  • Illustrations convey an idea which is difficult to express
  • It stands out from your competitors
  • Illustrated symbols and icons are a form of international communication.
  • Even a person that cannot read can be taught through pictures and imagery.

A print advert idea concept for Glad Garbage bags. An idea not possible using stock photos or regular Photography without adding mixed styles and unwanted detail.

All Illustrations on this page by Stuart Flynn – BA Design Illustration
Illustration folio here

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