A Professional Email Signature

A professional email signature can give you that next level of polish to your business profle. Most people have found the email signature hard to get right especially if you are picky like me. If you have tried to use a picture then the resolution looks blurry, pixilated, too big or too small. If you just use text your signature may look too bland. And for both instances, it’s technically difficult to get the links to work as you like.

So after a bit of research for my own signature, it was recommended to me by another designer to try email signature rescue. 

This subscription-based service allows you to design your email signature and links from a number of templates. You can even include full-length banners below your email. The resolution is great and the options are also really good. You can add social icons and a number of different customised options to tie in with your brand colours.

For help setting up your account or creating your first professional email signature call me on 0414 505 393.

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