Logo and branding and folio

Some of my latest logo and branding designs. The design process depends on how many variations and concepts you’d like to so see. I normally start with an A4 page of 100 or so fonts that I populate with the company name and then narrow down from there. I develop a black and white lockup which may only include finessed typography or other elements. I decide if the logo requires both a stacked or inline version as well as a reversed version for dark backgrounds. Colour is normally the last stage.

Brightwater Sunshine Coast - Logo Design - teaching kids for life - logo designer

Inspirational logo based on love

This inspirational logo/graphic was developed from a client sketch. Each of the words connection, courage, fun, empathy, resilience and respect stemming from love.

Unique DJs - DJ unique logo / music design

Unique DJs – simple logos are best

This logo wasn’t even part of the web design brief, but it just happened by needing to have something for the header. I was pretty happy that it was my first idea and the client was happy to have something, especially for free. I think it’s one of my best logo ideas to date. Its clever use of the headphones to make a U and change the logo from boring to unique.

Premium design - celebrant business cards
Wedding Celebrant logo and branding

Celebrant logo and style guide – Australia

This logo and website were designed around the name of the celebrant ‘Ty’. He had a particular taste of mint green and grey colours. This also shows a one-page style guide.

Mulching logo  РQueensland

This logo and website convey this small Queensland that uses a mulching machine to clear land in an eco-friendly way. Renewable deforestation or woodchipping.

Find the Mulching website here.

Sunshine Coast Graphic Designer

Graphic designer branded advertising banner

This is my new A2 branded banner for the front of my design studio – As a graphic designer I’m very fussy, but I’m finally happy with this brand look and feel. It reflects my modern taste and attention to detail.

Visit the new graphic design branding page here

Truck signage - Sunshine Coast

Concrete truck signage – Australia

An illustrated logo design for a concreter in the Sunshine Coast. Lizards Concrete Pumping.

Coaching logo - Australian

Karman line – Marketing Company – Logo and style sheet

Karman Line is a Sydney Marketing Company with the tag line – the sky isn’t the limit – it’s the start) – Did you know that the ‘Karman Line’ is the point in the atmosphere (100km) where regular flight in no longer possible and rockets needed to be invented to propel up and beyond. Pretty close to where Richard Branson’s new rockets get to. This consulting business is about training you for a paradigm shift.

Logo design and finessing - Karman line

Marketing firm logo development – Sydney

Mantle Marketing – The mantle is the part of the earth that lies under the crust. It is the largest layer and is solid but flexible. This is an analogy similar to the values of Mantle Marketing. The logo needed to be corporate, conservative and reflect the values and culture of the business.

Logo design and finessing - Karman line
Logo design - Doggy Day Tripz

Doggy Day Tripz – Dog Walking and outings for high energy dogs.

Logo design and finessing - Karman line

Ty the Knot – Noosa Celebrant. Client chose colours based on taste. He wanted something fresh and funky that tied in with his name. To add another dimension we used a silver special colour on one of the rings.

Logo design and finessing - Karman line

The grey zone. Biographical book about blood cancer. A play on the word grey and also red to signify the blood disease. View website

Music artwork design (Photoshop and illustration) - Sunshine Coast

stufly – music album 1 artwork. Concept and design. Photoshop illustration based on an image of the artist’s face. The idea is based on a butterfly painting that 2 ideas become one in a collaboration of music. View website

Music artwork design (Photoshop and illustration) - Sunshine Coast

stufly – music album 2 artwork. Concept and design of graphics using Photoshop. Website design and social marketing including Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Based on the vibrant colours of the first album and artwork. The idea is to convey the fresh and modern sound of the music with a loose representation of digital eq. View website

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