If you’re looking for a Photoshop Expert / Retoucher close to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast you may have just found the right guy. I’ve been learning Photoshop for about 25 years now. I started in the 90s and have continued to find faster and more effective ways of retouching and combing images. I also use Photoshop to create artwork from scratch with the help of a wacom tablet. Much of my graphic design work comes from retouching and tutoring in Photoshop. Here you’ll find some samples of the type of retouching work I do.

Retouching experiment  – A personal project using opposite techniques and effects. Left and right I generate an older and a younger version of this wedding photo. The center picture is the original professional photo and although It may have been subtly retouched by the studio at some stage, there is a lot more a professional retouch can do to enhance or change the look of the image to suit your taste or ego.

Gas tank perspective/background combined with new product shot. Both images have qualities the client likes – The perspective and garden from an old photo and the current model (piping, grill) from the other. Supplied digital artwork was also added in place of shiny stickers.

A book mockup. The Artwork in done in Adobe Illustrator. The book is not printed yet, so rather than take a photograph of a printed page I’ve opted for doing a mockup in Photoshop. You have a lot more control with lighting and angle.

Another book mockup. The original artwork in done is also made in Photosho. The book is not printed yet, so rather than take a photograph of a printed page I’ve opted for doing a mockup in Photoshop. More control with lighting and angle.

1 of 130 – Sometimes a few filters will do. One of my clients was in the process of creating a coffee table book from a backlog of her folio. Her photos were great but she lacked the advanced skills to bring them to full potential. Basic enhancements like this make a real difference but may only take a few selective filters/masks and 10-15 minutes. Since the client also owned Photoshop and had an interest in the process, I provided the files with layers. This enabled her to see exactly what was done at each stage. It’s worth noting that I do offer training in many of the leading design programs including Photoshop.

Dairy Farmers  – Brochure image. Product shots combined with a stylised hills image background.

Banner for social media and website. Combining a stock image with a custom photo. Adding branding and applying colour correction and filters.

On this image I’ve placed artwork onto a white can. I’ve achieved this with the actions panel.

This image is made from a basic portrait. Heavy use of filters makes it into a punchy piece of art. Posterise filter and painting tools are used a lot on this one.

If you’re on the lookout for a quality retoucher or Photoshop teacher on the Sunshine Coast contact me now.


My approach is about capturing emotion, genuine connection with my client’s business and a commitment to quality. I’ve worked on various shoots over the last 10 years to capture the essence of the moment. My most recent shoot was for Julia Gillard’s book tour. I’ve also art directed and shot for leading Australian Baby Whisperer – Karen Faulkner on her latest ebook ‘The magic of touch’. I’m formally trained at the University of South Australia with high distinctions – 1995. As a qualified graphic designer and illustrator I also do all of my own retouching. Photoshop is one of my many specialties.

Julia Gillard Photoshoot


Julia Gillard Photoshoot

Photoshoot – Julia Gillard book tour – Commissioned by Better Reading

Nurture Parenting  – Photoshoot for Baby massage ibook. ‘Baby Massage -the magic of touch’