Noosa Island Wedding Venue – SEO Case Study

Noosa Island is a private property that is based in Noosa Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. And although Noosa Island is not strictly an island, it is surrounded by water on one side. It takes up about one-fifth of Noosa on Google Maps. The property is very large and accessible via boat or car where you can get there from the west side of Noosa. An interesting fact is that Richard Branson owns the property next door. And this is called Makepeace Island. In fact, if you currently type in Noosa Island on a search term, Makepeace Island will show up within that search.

What makes Noosa Island Special for your next wedding event?

The owners of the Noosa Island property have been asked on many occasions to use their land for weddings. It’s a great private location with plenty of space. Until recently the time hasn’t been right to use the property for commercial use. But now, the owners are interested in a new venture and have decided to use this premium Noosa location for weddings and photo shoots.

What is the purpose of posting about a wedding function website that has no Google ranking?

The purpose of this post is not to design a slick web page or even to advertise the wedding website itself. So for this particular case study, I will not be using any design interface and I will not add any backlinks. However, this may be done at a future time if I am hired to work on the website SEO. So at this stage, this post simply is to highlight where the current Wix website is going wrong with SEO and how it could be drastically improved. And in addition to that, I hope to demonstrate that a well-written post without any slick design features will achieve better SEO in days compared to an established WIX website that’s been there for months

So how can I improve on the current lack of SEO?

There are lots of ways that this business can improve their user experience and relevance under a search phrase. But today I’m just going to concentrate on SEO. And search engine optimisation is achieved by content relevance and credible backlinks. Backlinks are built over time so I will be mainly limited to content but considering that I’m writing this blog on an established and credible site I should be able to achieve page ranking in a relatively short time. The current wedding website is built on the WIX platform which is most likely to be the first roadblock. One thing that hinders SEO on WIX is that the valuable 3rd party tools available for WordPress that I’m using on this page are not available on WIX. And as far as I know, the Noosa site has little or no time spent on SEO apart from one hour of doing a basic listing on the home page via the inbuilt SEO tool. And that really only includes a basic Title, Description and keywords with Google. As well as that, the website has little or no incoming traffic from other sources. These incoming source of traffic are called backlinks. For example, if I were to link the wedding website to this blog, which is already ranking after 2 days, the linked website would also start to become more visible to Google and gain some more credibility. By writing this post and watching my own Google Analytics account I endeavour to prove that I can achieve better SEO on one primary key search than their whole website. As I edit this post this has already been achieved in 2 days. But I predict that this will improve over time. The search that I’m aiming for on this particular post will be ‘Noosa Island Wedding Venue’ or even ‘Noosa Island’ which are already seeing results. And if you type in that key phrase combination on a Google search, the home page of the website is ranking at all. In fact, the only way to find the venue is to know what the website address is and type it into the browser. As you can see by Google Analytics, the current Noosa Island website views so far are 7. In fact, some months have one view. These views would are most likely from me and the owners and family. And although stock standard SEO has been applied to Noosa Island Wedding Venue through the WIX platform, the website is nowhere to be found on specific the search terms. Because even though there are keywords associated with the SEO title and page description, there is little or none of the same keys words in the actual page content which is dominated by pictures. So Google will not see that the Title and Description are relevant to that page. And you won’t attract traffic for those terms. There is no relevance in that description. As you can see from the main heading ‘The Ultimate Private River Front Destination’ is not the sort of thing people will be searching for. it may be a nice thing to see once you’re on the page, but you have to get to that page first. And it’s much more likely they will be searching for something like ‘Noosa Wedding Venue’.

Importance of matching the Title, Description and Content

By including the key search term within this blog with the title, description and content I will show that it is relatively easy to rank for Noosa Island Wedding Venue or Venues if you put in some care and time into your content and pictures.

No SEO on Noosa Island or Noosa Wedding Venues

There are few reasons I suspect that the current WIX website is not ranking. They are listed below.

  • The wedding site is built using WIX. And WIX is not the best platform for SEO. From my own experience, WordPress is the better choice for a self-managed website
  • The home page has little or no text content that mentions the venue or wedding reception venue is the same line
  • The name ‘Noosa Island’ is an image rather than content, so it won’t be crawled by google without alt tags
  • The only mention of Noosa Island or weddings is in the testimonials at the bottom of the page
  • The heading is a statement that doesn’t include the keywords
  • The site has very little content apart from random wedding images which are not tagged or described
  • The SEO has not been set up on each page. I have added the basic 1 hour of WIX SEO on the home page just to see if it had any success.
  • The photos on the site do not have any alt tags so they will not appear on google image searches
  • There are no incoming backlinks to the site form wedding planners or search directories such as Google My Business.
  • No outgoing links or references to relevant sites
  • Content is not updated on a regular basis

Stay tuned to see how this blog ranks in searches compared to the actual website. Even now I can see via the SEO plugin I can use called Yoast that based on the search terms ‘Noosa Island’ or ‘Wedding Venue’ as a primary key phrase, my SEO is showing as good. I will share the statistics in the next few months with my own web clients including the venue owner. Hopefully, he will see the value in investing in a WordPress build and also the value of properly optimised content and SEO. Click here for recommended wedding venues on the coast.