WordPress / Divi training

Easy changes to do yourself.

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All of my sites are created by Elegant Themes. Here is the promo video for Divi 3.0 – their flagship theme. This is the theme used on this site and all of the latest sites that I’ve built.

Handover FAQ

What can I change by myself?

To start with I’d recommend editing text and images. But with advanced training, you can change almost everything with some practice and know-how. The Divi theme is quite intuitive and there are many free tutorials available online if you get stuck. Advert ideas are always available for any advanced training or design tweaks if required. Basic training is part of the handover process and the videos on this page will give you a great head start.

When should I expect to see traffic to my site?

Traffic will grow over weeks and months. Time online is a factor so it’s best to start populating content as early as possible. Web traffic is gained by momentum affected by a combination of good content and incoming links from well-established sites. To give it a kick start posting your site on social media and link other sites to your site if possible. 

What can I do to attract more visits?

Each additional page, post, image or project you add to your site can improve the SEO. Linking other internal pages to new pages is also a good idea. Consult your designer to optimise each new page or post with the most relevant key search term and unique search description. For example, a toy company may have one page’s SEO focused on fluffy toys and another page focused on high tech toys. The accumulative effect of every page or post adds up. For example, a one-page website may attract 100 visits a year whereas the same domain with 20 pages may attract 1,000 visits a year as there are much more ways your site can be found by having 20 different focus points, titless and descriptions. I also highly recommend listing yourself on ‘Google my business’. It’s free and relatively easy to set up. Speak to me for more information.

Who owns the domain and when is it due for renewal?

I advise that you pay for and own your own domain name. Take note of the reseller such as ‘Crazy Domains’, user name and password which they will send t you. Also, make sure that your account is set to auto-renew payment. In any case, you will be notified by email by your reseller when it is due for renewal.  

Can I edit my own site once its finished?

Yes, you can. There are multiple levels of editing access. The top-level access is called Admin, able to edit code and plug-ins. The next is Editor etc with varying levels of access. To log-in your address will look like this www.yourdomain.com.au/wp-admin
Advert ideas provide a user name and password to access your back end from here. I’ve created a 5-minute video on this page to show how easy basic edits are to do by yourself.