Bodhi Events animation: The client was after an animated version of her logo. This job was about 15 hours of work. The process was in 2 stages. A storyboard which is approved and then the animation and output. The working files are made using Adobe Animate which used to be known as Flash. Due to Flash files no longer being supported this output file is shown as a GIF.

Flash animator Sunshine Coast
Ebook cover graphic design and illustration - Sunshine Coast
a) Extreme nouns – gif Created using Illustrator, Poser 3D, Photoshop.

b) Flash animations X 2 WeightWatchers. Desktop only.

A couple of advertising banners for Weight Watchers during my time at BMF Advertising. This was my introduction to Flash which is now called Animate CC. Animate is a great platform for creating effective motion graphics at high resolution and small file size. Most swf banners are under 40k compared to a similar mp4 at up to 100 times that size.

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